From our delicious breakfast pastries, to our delectable, decadent deserts, our baked goods will satisfy the most discerning guests.


Cheese Cake 10″ Pie

Delicious cheese cake topped with chocolate or strawberries.

Custom Cakes

No photo availableA delicious cake specially made for your event.


Fresh Baked Brownies


Fresh Homemade Naan


Homemade Gourmet Cookies (minimum 5)

Assorted Homemade gourmet cookies.


Jumbo Danish & Criossants (Minimum 10)


Tiramisu 10″ Round

Lady fingers soaked with brandy & espresso in a cream mascarpone sauce topped with chocolate.


Contact Us

Call Sam Fard : <font face="verdana" color="green" size="3"><B> (415) 377-8048 </B></Font> We are available 24/7

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