We create delicious food for your breakfast meetings with coffee & tea services, fresh baked pastries, or a full, hearty buffet. (All prices are per person. 20 People minimum. )

American Morning

Scrambled eggs, potatoes and ham served with bread and butter.

  • For Tea +$3 per person
  • For Fresh squeezed orange juice +$3 per person

Continental Morning #1

No photo availableCoffee served with assorted pastries.


Continental Morning #2

No photo availableFreshly squeezed orange juice served with assorted pastries.


French Morning

No photo availableFresh baked French pastries, gourmet cheeses, served with fresh fruits, orange juice and coffee creates an elegant buffet.


Gourmet Omelette

No photo availableScrambled eggs with side of sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers, caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, spinach and shredded cheese. Served with sliced bread, potatoes, seasonal fresh fruit display, orange juice, and coffee service.


Assorted Cookies & Brownies

No photo availableA delicious assortment of our cookies and housemade brownies.


Bottled Juices

No photo availableA variety of bottled juices.


Coffee by the Box (96oz)

No photo availableOur excellent coffee, regular or decaffeinated. Box holds approximately 12 cups. Recyclable, easy to open and retains heat.


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

No photo availableOur delicious orange juice by the bottle.


Muffins, Danishes & Croissants

No photo availableAn assortment of freshly baked goods.

Contact Us

Call Sam Fard : <font face="verdana" color="green" size="3"><B> (415) 377-8048 </B></Font> We are available 24/7

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