Delicious sauces combined with our favorite pastas, we have been please San Francisco with our fresh, delicious pastas for over 30 years. (Half pan $45 / Full pan $85) 

  • All Half Pans are 12″ x 12″ (Half pan Serves 6-8 ppl)
  • All Full hotel Pans are 12″ x 18″

Any One Sauce with any one pasta

Aglio e Olio
(Garlic, olive oil and crushed red peppers)
(Classic rich cream sauce)
Alla Carbonara
(With egg yolk, parmesan, pecorino and sweet, hot pancetta.)
Alle Vongole Bianche or Rosse
(Baby clams in a white or red sauce.)
(Traditional meat sauce.)
(Tomato and garlic.)
(Olive oil, garlic and basil.)
Sun-Dried Tomato Cream
(Delicate blend of sun-dried tomatoes with a touch of cream.)


Pasta: Linguini Hotel Pan with Any sauce

Flat noodles. (Half pan $45)


Pasta: Penne Hotel Pan with Any sauce

Round tubes. (Half pan $45)


Pasta: Ravioli Hotel Pan with Any sauce

Cheese filled pasta pockets. (Half pan $45)


Pasta: Tortellini Hotel Pan with Any sauce (Half pan $45)

Cheese filled pasta. (Half pan $45)

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